May 1983
Obviously, based on our dress…this was a long time ago! In fact, it was 30 years ago on Captiva Island, Florida…we were on our honeymoon.  Did I really DRESS like that?
He was Catholic.  I was not. 
He was a college graduate.  I was not.
He had never been married.  I had.
He was God’s gift to me when I thought my life was almost over.
Thirty years is a long time…both sets of our parent’s have been married for more than 60 years, so we have two sets of good examples.
Behind the scenes of our thirty years you would see a less than perfect marriage…but a good one.
You would see a period of hard work without a pay check.
You would see a fire in the garage attached to our house.  It consumed our cars, but not our house.
You would see me being pregnant three times.  But you would only see one living child now.
You would see me at the hospital crying over a miscarriage.

You would see me at a grave, crying over the death of Amy.

But you would also see great memories of fun times.  Vacations in Yellowstone, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the southern Outer Banks of North Carolina and Disney World.
You would see meals eaten on the screened porch while watching the birds at the feeder.
You would Sunday mornings getting ready for church. 

You would see us at dinner in the restaurant when he told the me plant was closing.

You would see us exploring new opportunities and moving across the country 6 years ago.
You would see us find a new church home and new friends.  Going to new places and seeing new things.
And most of all you would see the love that I share with my best friend.  The man who completes me.  The man that God sent to me to be my husband.
He is really the “behind the scenes” guy!


May 2013


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