There are times in my life when I feel like a spool of thread…I just go round and round doing the same thing over and over.  When will I learn that the thread has to be cut to do something other than go around a spool.

Recently I invested in a book that is helping me cut the thread.  While I have reviewed a few books on my website, today I want to share with you more than a review. 

I recently purchased Stacey Thacker’s new book
Being OK with Where You Are
(I think that is an affiliate link, but I am new to that aspect of blogging!!)

Anyway, I purchased this book last week and didn’t get to read it right away.  Frankly, I purchase a lot of e-books from bloggers that I know because they don’t usually cost much and I know it helps the author.

I read most of the books I purchase.  Well, almost most…but I NEVER review a book I have not read!  

And then…there was Stacey’s book.  I couldn’t sleep last week on Friday night.  It was the last night of our vacation and I just could. not. sleep.

I got up and went out front and pulled up the Kindle app on my iPad and saw
Being OK with Where You Are

waiting for me.

Stacey’s words went straight to my heart…right from the start.

She starts by telling me to “Admit it.”

Admit I am no OK with where I am.

I love this quote from Chapter 1

“Sometimes trying to be OK with where you are feels like running when you hate it.  You gasp for air and all you really want to do is stop the madness.  You might also be steadily whining about it to everyone around you.  Consider this your permission slip to admit it and stop running around and pretending you are OK.”

I am so NOT a runner…but I do like to try.  At times, I feel like I am pretending to be a runner.

Jesus knows my heart. 

He knows that I am not OK with where I am.

He knows that I am working on this.

And He meets me…right where I am.

Even if I am spread flat out on the bathroom floor!

Stacey likens not being OK with being on the bathroom floor…eventually, you HAVE TO GET UP.

Someone needs the facilities!

I am working on removing the Veil of Fine (Chapter 3).  And the worst part about this whole process – and it IS a process – is that I have a great life.

Truly, I do!

Eventually, I hope to be able to articulate why I am not OK with where I am.  For now, just know that the Lord is using Stacey’s book to do a work in me. And I imagine a work in others too.

I DO trust Him.

I KNOW He will help me through this.

And I know that sometime (I hope in the near future) I WILL be OK with me.

I am linking up with Stacey and others discussing the first 3 chapters of this book.  Click here to read more…

And guess what?  Tomorrow I am doing something I have NEVER EVER done on this blog before.  Come back…you won’t want to miss it and it will be worth your time.  I promise!



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