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A brief explanation of where I’ve been the past few weeks: my dad died in March and I have not had much to share on this blog.  Thank you for your understanding.  Then, as I began to feel I had something to share, it was the end of the school semester and we have one laptop in my house. My son, a senior in college (graduates in December), uses the laptop for school work.  He had it almost exclusively for more than a week while finishing papers, projects, etc.  Then, just as he finished his work the computer got a nasty Trojan virus and was not working.  At all. I had it repaired last week and I am hoping to get back to writing.
Today I return in my mind to Refine Retreat.  A retreat I attended in April at a state park in Ohio. I’ve written about the experience before.
But I am there again.  Thinking about the retreat.  Thinking about the broken places in my life.  And about their beauty.  There is some beauty in the broken.
And there is blessing too.
For it is the broken that has shaped my life and made me who I am. 
It is the broken that has given me grace and strength to continue living.
It is the broken that has brought me to a place of satisfaction. 
A place of realization.
A place of acceptance.
Satisfied with what I have…not always wanting more.
Realizing that the time is now…not wishing or waiting until tomorrow.
Acceptance that my life experiences were designed by Him, just for me.  To shape me and mold me.
Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  When I awoke, I made up my mind to focus on what I have, not what is missing.
I focused on the blessings I have, not those I sometimes long for or the children that are no longer here.
And I was content.
It was a good day.
I prayed for the missing girls and their mothers.
Today, I am thankful that Kris hosted Refine.  For it was at Refine where I began to appreciate the beauty of rest, in a different way.  Teri Lynne spoke on rest at Refine and I think, in the coming days I am going to be able to share some of what I took away from her talk.
As I think about the brokenness in my life, I believe we all have brokenness in our lives.  How we choose to react to the brokenness will determine the path of our life.  I love the song by Ellie Holcomb.  The Broken Beautiful…our brokenness is beautiful when given to Him.
I am trying…trying to give all my brokenness to Him.  Rather than try to repair it and make it pretty before approaching Him with it.  You see, He wants me to come as I am.  Now.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week.  Not next month.  Not after we have it all together.
That is the beauty of a relationship with Him…we don’t have to have it all together.
He takes us…just as we are.
If you would like to read more about Amy, my daughter that died 22 years ago this June, type Amy in the search box located on the sidebar.

Do you have a tendency to try and fix things before taking them to Him?

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