“I desire to do your will, O my God;
your law is within my heart.”
Psalm 40:8
In Max Lucado’s book Grace for the Moment he uses snippets from his various writings to share thoughts for each day.  In a recent reflection he used this scripture and writings from his book The Great House of GodHe wrote “Want to know God’s will for your life? Then answer this question: what ignites your heart?”  He goes on to encourage one to answer the call of ones heart.
I have to ask myself at the age of 49…what is the call of my heart? I am not sure that I know.  I joke about the fact that I am “almost 50 and still do not know what I want to be when I grow up!”  I know I enjoyed taking a class this past semester at the community college, I know I would like to take one in the fall, but I do not really know what I want to achieve!  I feel like I was an OK Mom, but my son is a young man, making his own decisions…not much I can do there.  I feel like I am a decent wife, ever striving to improve…I don’t know what the Lord has for me…I don’t know what ignites my heart…so I guess I will just continue trying to find out.  What ignites your heart?
In the meantime…better late than never this week…joining the gratitude community at Ann’s place

123. sunny, restful weekends.
124. another answered prayer.
125. discovering new places.

126. good lotion.

127. getting some exercise.
128. clean laundry.
129. a cleaner house.
130. discovering new places.

On Saturday, John and I took the day and drove to the Finger Lakes region of New York State, just to look around.  It is only about 3 hours from us and we had never been…it was beautiful! This was taken where we had lunch.  We ate outside on the deck…it was beautiful.  A place called Kidders Landing.  There are some lovely falls and beautiful scenery.
Again…I would love to know what ignites YOUR heart…maybe it will inspire me!


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