Surely I could figure this out!  Surely the way to go, the path to take would become clear. Yet, everywhere I turned it was the wrong way.  Every time I started down a path it was a one way street and I was going the WRONG way. 

Then I read these words  
“when I give you no special guidance, stay where you are.”  
Sarah Young wrote these words in Jesus Calling on April 13th.

I was going to stay put for a while, but I did not think I could do it indefinitely without some guidance.  I could not continue going the wrong way on one way streets.

Luckily, I did not have to.  Last Friday, I found out that my troublesome situation at work will be resolved and next semester will be different.  I don’t know exactly how, but my job will be structured differently and I get to continue working for the person with whom I have a great working relationship.

A big answer to a big problem.  AND…it was the answer that I wanted, I am So. Very. Happy! And relieved.

I penned the above words back in April of this year.  

And then I sat on them.  

And then things changed.  

On July 9th I found out that my job would not be structured differently.  Things would remain the same.  The academic programs I’d supported in the spring semester would still be supported by one admin and the job was mine if I wanted it.  But I could not and would not return to that job while it was structured in the same manner. I could not and would not put myself through that again.

The first time I had no choice and no idea that it would be like it was…to agree to do the job again, under the same circumstances would not be a wise choice.

There are other part time jobs available on campus.  I’ve applied for a couple and been interviewed for one of them.  The other one isn’t interviewing for a few more weeks.

I am back to the one way/wrong way kind of street.

Not sure what I’m supposed to do, but knowing that change can be is painful, I’ll hold on and see what happens.  You see, I don’t do change well.  I prefer that it keep it’s distance, unless of course it is change that I orchestrate. Change that I plan. Change that I want.

This situation is none of that.  So I will wait.

While I am waiting I have been blessed with a gift…I had an opportunity to receive an Advance Reader Copy of Kristen Strong’s book Girl Meets Change.  It is truly helping me through this difficult time. If you have trouble with change and have not already ordered this book, please consider doing so. It releases in September and is just $10 and change. Kristen writes with clarity, honesty and authority…having lived through change herself. It is truly a gift to read it at this point in my life.  Click the picture below (an affiliate link) to purchase the book on Amazon.  I promise…you will not be sorry!

How do you deal with change? Go with the flow, 
fight it tooth and nail or some other way?



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