Counting My Blessings…

1. salvation, by grace, thru faith Ephesians 2:8
2. a husband that loves me
3. a son that challenges me to think outside my box
4. friends that encourage me
5. the snow that makes me thankful for warmth
6. freshly washed bed sheets after a long day.
7. friends that will cry with me and listen to me.
8. warm, sunny weekend.
9. a good night’s sleep.
10. seeds that have been planted in the heart’s of those I love.
11. blue skies.
12. restful weekends.
13. birds at the feeder.
14. trials that make me stop and think.
15. blessings I am not even aware of!
16. a beautiful weekend.
17. a husband who cooks.
18. a son that is trying.
19. a prayer group that meets.
20. friends that listen.
21. a Pastor that understands.
22. a parish that welcomes.
23. a good nights sleep.
24. things that I don’t understand.
25. a new plant.
26. spring flowers that are blooming.
27. a beautiful weekend. (I have probably said that before!)
28. a tearful Thursday, that led to an understanding.
29. friends that included us for Easter dinner.
30. a son that called on Easter Sunday.
31. the Christian home in which I was raised.
32. the Christian husband God sent my way almost 30 years ago.
33. an uncertain job search.
34. the lessons I am learning from the job search.
35. the courage to return to school.
36. a good night sleep.
37. waking up feeling better.
38. a husband that did all the clean-up after the party.
39. sunshine.
40. warm blankets when I was shivering.
41. a son that is confused.
42. a clinic open on Sunday.
43. Amoxicillin.
44. Ann @ A Holy Experience and all I have learned from her blog.
45. a good cup of coffee.
46. a new week.
47. a new job.
48. a work project completed.
49. prayer group friends.
50. cozy blankets.
51. trees that are blooming.
52. aging parents.
53. memories.
54. courage to try something new.
55. Sunday worship.
56. much needed rain.
57. time spent with family.
58. trials that help me grow.
59. bluebirds out my window.
60. woodpeckers on my walk.
61. a opportunity to listen.
62. a opportunity to keep my mouth shut!
63. a warm shower.
64. a glass of red wine.
65. a good friend in another state.
66. a good night’s rest. Did I say that already?
67. First Communion Parties.
68. dear friends I saw over the weekend…you know who you are!
69. acceptance of Andy’s choices. Really!!
70. chocolate chip cookies.
71. a opportunity to share my faith.
72. the opportunity to blog…and actually have people read it.
73. the “Bible talk” from our Parish retreat in 2009, they got me back to daily Bible reading/study. (Thank u B&M G)
74. a sunny day after a storm.
75. spring flowers.
76. dirty dishes, that remind me I have food to eat.
77. laundry and the washer and dryer.
78. a busy week and the strength I know He will supply.
79. red meat.
80. surprises that He continually keeps dropping into my life. He keeps me guessing…thank you Lord!
81. a wonderful weekend.
82. a beautiful wedding.
83. second chances.
84. a son that forgives.
85. not making too many mistakes while playing for the wedding.
86. safe travels.
87. 27th wedding anniversary.
88. time with extended family.
89. an opportunity to serve.
90. a fresh start on Monday.
91. 100th published post.
92. exclamation points! Oh how I love them!!!!!
93. and dots…or periods…
94. the trials.
95. the triumphs.
96. good friends that drove from St. Louis to meet us camping.
97. dark chocolate.
98. honey wheat pretzels.
99. the opportunity to go camping.
100. safe travels.
101. employment.
102. enough money to pay the bills, at least for now.
103. good neighbors.
104. new chicken recipe.
105. Ann Taylor tees. always bought on sale…usually 2 for 1 or buy 1, get 1 1/2 off! 🙂
106. our National Parks.
107. a call from Andy…he says he is fine.
108. digital cameras.
109. a special young lady’s First Communion party.
110. a beautiful drive through farm country make a delivery for work.
111. blessing that I don’t even remember.
112. restful sleep.
113. a good walk.
114. lost checks found.
115. good friends that share their children with me.
116. hugs from 5 special little girls & young ladies on Sunday night.
117. fresh avocados.
118. meals planned and groceries bought.
119. money for food.
120. shelter.
121. a husband that helps.
122. an opportunity to learn that “good enough” IS enough.
123. sunny, restful weekends.
124. another answered prayer.
125. discovering new places.
126. good lotion.
127. getting some exercise.
128. clean laundry.
129. a cleaner house.
130. discovering new places.
131. an answered prayer…again!
132. good friends.
133. good coffee.
134. red meat.
135. spring flowers.
136. rain.
137. sunshine.
138. spring nail polish.
139. FINALLY finding some new black dress sandals.
140. and some summer shorts.
141. an unexpected opportunity to share my faith while taking a walk.
142. evening strolls after dinner with my husband.
143. that the refrigerator didn’t quit until Sunday night!
144. a camping weekend with little rain.
145. another special phone call.
146. friends that prayed for me.
147. friends that comforted me.
148. for Amy.
149. for another chance to grow.
150. for the rain.
151. for safe travels.
152. for my blog friends.
153. God’s strength, just when I need it.
154. safe travels.
155. time with family.
156. work accomplished.
157. special phone calls.
158. special friends.
159. a new refrigerator.
160. iced tea.
161. God’s creation all around me.
162. the Rocky Mountains.
163. renters.
164. hidden blessings.
165. answered prayers.
166. air conditioning.
167. a brother that continually checks on parents.
168. medical staff caring for my Daddy.
169. ability to exercise.
170. exciting upcoming week.
171. safe travels.
172. sunscreen.
173. extended family.
174. good coffee.
175. an amazing cook.
176. special blessings.
177. Daddy getting better.
178. Sunday worship.
179. surprises.
180. vacations.
181. natural beauty all around.
182. sand and seashells.
182. family time.
183. salty sea air.
184. thin mountain air.
185. coffee on the deck in the morning.
186. safe travels…again.
187. good lotion.
188. good exercise.
189. new adventures.
190. rain.
191. rainbows.
192. grilled burgers.
193. safety in a storm.
194. special phone calls.
195. special friends.
196. good running shoes.
197. ceiling fans.
198. summer vegetables.
199. brother-in-laws successful surgery.
200. Dad continuing to improve.
201. a fun gathering Saturday night…with special people.
202. the opportunity to share thankfulness.
203. a beautiful sunrise.
204. visit with aunt, uncle & cousins – at the beach.
205. peaceful sleep.
206. work accomplished.
207. strength to say “no” at appropriate time.
208. minor traffic on busy highway.
209. making time for exercise.
210. phone calls.
211. learning new things.
212. enrolling for fall class.
213. making a “to do” list for the week.
214. letting go of stuff.
215. learning from friends.
216. learning more about Blogger.
217. learning more about fonts.
218. learning more about backgrounds.
219. RUNNING for 45 minutes! NO walking AND I did 4 miles!!
220. last day of work.
221. opportunity to be a friend.
222. frustrating circumstances that force me to be patient.
223. upcoming trip to visit my son & my sister.
224. restful weekend.
225. chores accomplished.
226. a good night’s sleep.
227. things I cannot explain.
228. blog comments that encourage.
229. tears of joy.
230. friends like Stacey and Natalie, from whom I have learned so much.
231. the chance to say…Thank you, Jesus.
232. safe air travel.
233. lessons learned while travelling.
234. kind airline personnel.
235. night spent in airport. (Yes, I am thankful for that!)
236. wonderful visit with son.
237. time spent with sister and her family.
238. fun time with great nieces.
239. fabulous finds in Palms Springs thrift store.
240. coming home.
241. husband that house in perfect order.
242. feeling better.
243. great doctor friend.
244. the Great Physician.
245. rest.
246. errands accomplished when not feeling well.
247. unpacked suitcases and laundry done.
248. friends that accept offer of help.
249. hubby that cooks. (have I said that before?!?)
250. great Sunday dinner with friends.
251. new job.
252. a great first week on the new job.
253. wonderful weekend in a National Park.
254. God’s beauty all around.
255. learning to accept AND APPRECIATE that which I cannot change.
256. safety while on the road.
257. wildflowers.
258. forgiveness…both received and given.
259. the liberating feeling that comes with #255.
260. new challenges.
261. beautiful sunrise.
262. another gentle reminder to be thankful.
263. new week.
264. new school year.
265. courage to move forward.
266. conversation with son.
267. more travel plans.
268. joyful tears on checks.
269. opportunity to share my faith.
270. young friend that joined us at church yesterday.
271. 3 year old that came to tell me “you are a good singer” after church. It warmed my heart!!
272. wonderful friends that are part of our prayer group.
273. lessons learned.
274. sun streaming through the trees.
275. another day to try and live His message and share His good news with those I meet.
276. 12 hours of road travel with no issues.
277. old friends.
278. new friends.
279. blue skies.
280. beautiful meadows.
281. shelter.
282. floors.
283. food.
284. employment.
285. blogging friends.
286. the lessons God is teaching me in my everyday life.
290. some house cleaning accomplished.
291. an attitude that needs examined after reading Ann’s post.
292. PRECIOUS moments spent in quiet time with the Lord.
293. special visitors to my blog.
294. prayers spoken to quiet my fears.
295. opportunities to minister to others.
296. opportunities to share my faith.
297. the family that sat behind us in church yesterday.
298. leaves turning colors.
299. several nights of peaceful sleep.
300. changing seasons.
301. a showing on the neighbor’s house and the people really liked it.
302. safe travels for family members.
303. learning to accept that good enough IS good enough – I think I said this already…but I need to say it again!
304. clearing the air.
305. blog friends that don’t forget me when I get really busy and don’t post regularly.
306. a job I love.
307. water in the basement that caused us to get rid of STUFF.
308. beautiful blue skies.
309. slow walks enjoying the trees, the view and the wildlife.
310. fall colored mums.
311. friends and family.
312. a girl named Kat.
313. friendly reminders that good enough, IS good enough.
314. peaceful sleep.
315. work projects completed.
316. friends that listen.
317. a lightbulb moment.
318. kitchen floor that got washed.
319. trying to accept that age “50” will be OK.
320. learning to move beyond the past.
321. a Lord that hears my prayer.
322. for quiet time in the morning.
323. forgiveness.
324. healing.
325. peace and understanding.
326. the hope I have in Him.
327. for a fabulous birthday (weekend).
328. sister that came to visit.
329. the opportunity to worship.
329. blue skies.
330. fall colors.
331. opportunity to share my faith.
332. people that went out of their way to make my birthday special.
333. peaceful rest.
334. husband that is so great.
335. great bargains.
336. homemade birthday cards.
337. God speaking to me.
338. God listening to me.
339. God directing me.
340. courage to follow Him.
341. natural beauty all around.
342. faith…resting faith.
343. that I AM His child.
344. fall colored leaves falling against a blue sky.
345. patience and understanding to know when I can’t do more.
346. blogging friends that encourage me, even when I can’t post.
347. God working in the lives of those dear to me, in ways I would not have imagined.
348. courage to continue in Accounting I.
349. wonderful friends.
350. food.
351. shelter.
352. resources to pay the bills.
353. patience to persevere when I don’t understand.
354. new sweaters.
355. meeting new people at a party.
356. finally beginning to feel like this is HOME, after 3 years.
357. phone calls from son.
358. special friend that sent a special gift for my birthday.
359. that God understands and has a plan, even when I don’t understand.
361. seeing family over Thanksgiving holiday.
362. spending Thanksgiving with dear friends of 30 years.
363. safe travels with no airline delays.
364. dinner with a nephew and his wife.
365. going to church with Andy.
366. peaceful time away from home.
367. gorgeous view from hotel room.
368. beautiful rainbow.
369. an iPhone.
370. online resource for accounting help.
371. good test grade.
372. Friday dinner with friends to celebrate a 5 year old’s birthday.
373. light dusting of snow on Saturday morning.
374. good study time on Sunday afternoon.
375. long walk on Sunday.
376. kitchen appliances.
377. clean water.
378. husband that vacuumed.
379. new friends.
380. warm socks.
381. the Good Shepherd who knows me by name.
382. letting go when I need to.
383. phone calls from son.
384. SW Community Church.
385. that son has found a church home.
386. opportunity to help friends.
387. Accounting I almost over.
388. a Baby that changes everything.
389. new holiday experiences.
390. friends that share their children with us.
391. good weather for travelling.
392. a “B-” in Accounting I.
393. simple things.
394. time off from work.
395. getting things done around the house.
396. God’s MERCY.
397. His gift of ever-lasting life.
398. a new year.
399. basic necessities of life.
400. things I do not understand.
401. a weekend visit with family.
402. basketball games.
403. no traffic issues.
404. safe travel.
405. special phone calls.
406. projects accomplished.
407. Four weeks off from work.
408. Projects completed.
409. Peaceful rest.
410. Coming downstairs this morning to a clean kitchen.
411. Husband that cleaned the kitchen.
412. Prayer group.
413. Answered prayers.
414. That He hears my prayers.
415. Lessons learned by family.
416. New friends.
417. Going back to work.
418. That He wants me, just as I am.
419. Great walks this past week.
420. For a new day.
421. shelter during snowy/icy weather.
422. warmth during the same.
423. safety on the roads.
424. more situations that I do not understand, but I know He does.
425. new recipes from this.
426. husband who cooked the recipes.
427. good visit with new doctor.
428. new projects at work.
429. XC skiing for husband’s birthday.
430. new friends.
431. hosting an upcoming party – first of it’s kind since we moved here.
432. friends that care enough to check on me when they sense something is wrong.
433. wood burning fires.
434. charcoal grilled steaks.
435. clean floors.
436. melting snow and ice.
437. Whiter than Snow.
438. a new great-nephew.
439. trying something new.
440. glimmer of hope in Accounting II.
441. unconditional love.
442. childhood filled with love.
443. family that loves me.
444. husband that loves me.
445. friends that love me.
446. wonderful weekend.
447. party with friends.
448. chocolate.
449. phone calls.
450. amazon dot com.
451. digital cameras.
452. new great nephews.
453. cleansing tears.
454. hugs.
455. kisses.
456. warm socks.
457. new friends.
458. good wine.
459. filet mignon.
460. Pioneer Woman’s cookbook.
461. husband that tries new recipes.
462. learning to be patient.
463. accepting less than perfection.
464. trying new things.
465. peaceful sleep.
466. college basketball.
467. beautiful moon.
468. changes.
469. Spring Break.
470. time off work.
471. an 84 on an Acct. II test!
472. more accounting homework.
473. buying my Relevant ticket.
474. spending Friday with special friends.
475. great new chocolate chip cookie recipe.
476. feeling better…about things.
477. for the changes I don’t understand.
478. for the few changes I DO understand.
479. hearing from friends and family.
480. knowing that He has a plan.
481. closing in on the half-way mark.
482. Andy arriving safely home.
483. peace about things.
484. words of encouragement and
485. words of prayer from friends.
486. finding some patience.
487. letting go of some things.
488. spring coming – soon I hope.
489. grocery money.
490. changes.
491. rest.
492. fun times with friends.
493. taxes almost done.
494. jobs completed
495. phone calls.
496. exercise.
497. new resolve.
498. attitude adjustments.
499. words reminding me of something important.
500. listing 500 gifts.
501. the gift of the Son.
502. eternal life.
503. peace.
504. friends.
505. my brother that so diligently and graciously cares for my parents.
506. times of doubt.
507. times of wonder.
508. times of joy.
509. time of tears.
510. the first scripture I remember memorizing: John 3:16.
511. spring flowers.
512. John safely home from a business trip.
513. jobs.
514. money for bills, food and shelter.
515. the blessing of good friends.
516. peace about some things that were troubling me.
517. Families of the Cross.
518. the sun shining.
519. a beautiful full moon.
520. accounting almost over.
521. blogging friends.
522. Andy being home.
523. watching him mature.
524. friends that celebrated with us Saturday night.
525. Easter Sunday.
526. beautiful blue skies.
527. 70 degree weather.
528. peace about things that trouble me.
529. caring friends.
530. cell phones.
531. cleaning that got done.
532. papers sorted and shredded.
533. a new day.
534. another chance.
535. forgiveness.
536. computer blogging issues resolved.
537. for the light at the end of the tunnel.
538. the little things.
539. a job I love.
540. Accounting II almost over.
541. dinner with friends.
542. very special friends.
543. great weekend.
544. clean floors.
545. clean bathrooms.
546. an upcoming trip.
547. more trips.
548. the best of both worlds – that of working and being off.
549. an opportunity to listen.
550. knowing that the some of the best things in life are free.
551. for the eagle.
552. for a wonderful anniversary trip.
553. beautiful weather.
554. Mother’s Day.
555. special friends.
556. Accounting almost over…I probably already said that!
557. 60th wedding anniversary celebrations.
558. sisters-in-law.
559. nieces and nephews.
560. brothers-in-law.
561. my in-laws.
562. smiles and laughter.
563. back porches and decks.
564. the clouds and the rain.
565. the sun and the moon.
566. safe travel.
567. work.
568. positive attitude displayed by C.
569. great weekend.
570. bar-b-que.
571. chipmunks.
572. rhododendrens.
573. sunsets from my deck.
574. successful surgery for Andy.
575. good doctors.
576. job for C.
577. visits from family.
578. rain.
579. sunshine.
580. flowers.
581. health.
582. both sets of parents.
583. safe travels.
584. opportunities that arise when least expected.
585. memories.
586. Crocs.
587. Families of the Cross.
588. prayers of faithful friends.
589. difficult times.
590. feeling His touch during difficult times.
591. visit from precious nephew and his wife.
592. visit from another niece.
593. Andy’s attitude.
594. help from John and Andy.
595. safe travel for John.
596. guidance in decisions we have to make.
597. green grass.
598. sun and rain.
599. sitting on the deck.
600. peace – even when I don’t have the answer.
601. abundant grace.
602. pedicures.
603. a week at the beach.
604. sand.
605. family.
606. peaceful quiet.
607. sound of the waves.
608. awesome views.
609. fresh fruits and vegetables.
610. God’s creation all around.
611. guidance down an unknown path.
612. remembering His mercy.
613. winning Stephani’s giveaway.
614. the joy of having Andy around.
615. friends.
616. family.
617. safety for husband and friends during a triathlon.
618. rain – I know some of you aren’t getting any.
619. shelter during life’s storm.
620. peace – even though I don’t know what is going to happen.
621. changed plans.
622. computer trouble. Can’t change it, might as well say thank you!
623. relationships changed.
624. safe travels.
625. visit with friends.
626. seeing maturity in those I love.
627. uneventful air travel.
628. peaceful rest.
629. job I love.
630. time off.
631. my parents.
632. silver linings.

633. antibiotics.
634. power of prayer.
635. power of the Holy Spirit.
636. times of reflection.
637. Godly parents.
638. life changing moments.
639. fall weather.
640. upcoming Relevant conference.
641. fall vacations.
642. time to appreciate HIS creation.
643. sunrise.
644. sunset.
645. time with wonderful husband.
646. view of the ocean.
647. sunscreen.
648. seagulls.
649. Bath & Body Sea Island Cotton.
650. grilled tuna.
651. sun.
652. sand.
653. beach chairs.
654. rest.
655. visit with family.
656. parents. 
657. The Relevant Conference.
658. photos – reminding me of spring and summer.
659. sleep.
660. cozy PJs.
661. new friends.
662. cough medicine.
663. sunshine.
664. feeling better.
665. extra day off work.
666. cars repaired.
667. BOC by Born shoes. So comfy.
668. restful weekend.
669. planning for the holidays.
670. jobs.
671. money to pay the bills.
672. answers to prayer.
673. things that don’t make sense.
674. being encouraged in my writing.
675. the Unexpected.
676. for a friends invitation to a special Advent service.
677. for my journey.
678. Andy home this year.
679. a husband’s patience.
680. husband holding me when I cry.
681. wood for the fireplace.
682. shelter from the storms.
683. warm clothing for exercise.
684. Sundays at Jumping Tandem.
685. Christmas tree up.
686. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.
687. still receiving blessings from Relevant.
689. warm slippers.
690. semester almost over.
691. time off work.
692. chance to go back and visit friends.
693. courage to try and call the place I now live “home.”
694. special surprises.
695. using the internet for His glory.
696. new friends.
697. anticipating blessings.
698. sleep.
699. chance to share.
700. pressing on.
701. a promise of everlasting life.  1 John 2:25
702. a babe in a manger.
703. shelter in the storm.
704. glimpses of Him.
705. a smile through a tear.
706. joy that comes in the morning.
707. peace in my heart.
708. working through the yucky stuff.
709. time off work.
710. friends and family.


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