that is what it was..unexpected.  The ultrasound showed a developed baby, but the placenta – it was “overripe.”  That was the word the doctor used.  Overripe.  The baby was under weight, too small, but the placenta was overripe. 
Now what?

More tests.

And waiting.

She was born a couple of weeks later.

Very tiny.  She lived a very tiny life…just four short days.

It was all so unexpected. 

She was buried in a tiny casket.

Put in a tiny hole in the ground.

Unexpected…that is what her death was…unexpected.

BUT…the beauty of how she changed lives in her FOUR. SHORT. DAYS.

That, too, was unexpected. 

She taught us to live and appreciate what we have.

To CHERISH those we love because you NEVER know when the days will end

Things change in a moment and THINGS do not matter.  People matter.  Jesus matters.

It has been over 19 years and the changes are still unexpected.

Andy and Amy
June 12, 1992

My first time joining Lisa-Jo, thegypsymama for 5 minute Friday.


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