The first Monday of the New Year…back to work and the normal routine for many people. For me, I still I have couple of weeks before I go back to my part-time job but I do not want my routine to be the same kind of normal that it was last year. I want to be able to really let go and trust that the Lord. I don’t know about you, but I go through phases where I feel I am completely dependent on the Lord and I always feel better about everything during these phases. At other times I pray to let go of things, but I hold on just a little…or a lot. Either way, I don’t let go. I don’t COMPLETELY trust the Lord and, you guessed it…things are never as smooth when I try to manage them and I don’t feel as good about things either. Why can’t I just let the Lord take control? What makes me think that I can do a better job?

This weekend at mass the priest’s homily was one I needed to hear. But I didn’t just need to HEAR it, I need to HEED it (note the PRESENT TENSE) here and now, today! He started his homily with a story about a mountain climber, climbing alone. Instead of stopping for the night he continues climbing as it is getting dark. Night falls it is dark and getting cold, but he continues to climb and it is getting colder. Then, the climber falls. The climber is caught by his rope, but it is dark and cold and he cannot see below him. Although, the climber was not a religious person he called out to God and said, “God, if you are there, save me.” The climber heard an audible voice that said, “Cut the rope.” The climber looked below him, nothing but black abyss…he cannot see anything and it is getting colder. Again, the climber calls out to God, “If that is really you, God, save me.” Again, the climber heard the voice, “cut the rope.” But the climber, even though he could reach his knife, would not pull it out and cut the rope…he could not see what was below him, he could not bring himself to trust the voice.

The next morning a group of climbers found him dangling from his rope frozen to death…just 5 feet above the ground.

Lord, please give me the strength today and through out this year to “cut the rope.” Help me find the strength to REALLY let you have your way in my life, give me the strength to trust you even when I cannot see what is below me. Help me remember what the Psalmist David wrote in Psalm 91:11….”For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.” I know you will never leave me and will see me through all my trials. Please help me to remember that. Thank you for this new day and this New Year.
Blessings my friends…may you have the strength to “cut the rope!”


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