If you are looking for something to renew your heart today, check this out.  I try to participate in the gratitude community on Mondays, but I missed yesterday.  So, I am doing my list today…trying to reach 1000 gifts.  Have you thought about the many, many ways the Lord blesses us and yet, many of the gifts pass by us each day and we never realize they actually ARE gifts from Him?  Ann’s place is a great reminder that God blesses us with gifts far beyond what we can imagine.  Click on and read some other people’s lists…your heart will be renewed.  In the meantime, I continue adding to my list…
66. a good night’s rest.  Did I say that already?
67. First Communion Parties.
68. dear friends I saw over the weekend…you know who you are!
69. acceptance of Andy’s choices.  Really!!
70. chocolate chip cookies.
71. an opportunity to share my faith.
72. the opportunity to blog…and actually have people read it.
73. the “Bible talk” from our Parish retreat in 2009, they got me back to daily Bible reading/study. (Thank you B&M G)
74. a sunny day after a storm.
75. spring flowers.
76. dirty dishes, that remind me I have food to eat.
77. laundry and the washer and dryer.
78. a busy week and the strength I know He will supply.
79. red meat.
80. surprises that He continually keeps dropping into my life.  He keeps me guessing…thank you Lord!

If you spend some time reading other people’s lists, you may find yourself amazed at how simple some are, how deep and thought provoking others are…yet, there is one common thread…all are grateful.  For me, starting a gratitude journal was a great way to remind me of my blessings, especially when I am down.  Have a wonderful day…remember to count your blessings.


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