This morning it is dark, there is no moon that I can see out my window. The house is calm, still and quiet. The chaos of the day has not yet begun. I listen. Who is calling me? In I Samuel 3, Samuel was living in the temple with Eli. Eli had grown older and could no longer see well. I guess Samuel was kind of his aide, helping him with whatever he needed. One night, Samuel hears someone call him and he goes to Eli and says, “Here I am; you called me” I Samuel 3:5. Eli tells him that he (Eli) did not call him, go back to sleep. You probably know the story…this happened two more times and the third time Eli realized that it was the Lord calling to Samuel. Eli told Samuel, “Go and lie down, and if he calls you, say, ‘Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening’ ” The scriptures go on to say that the Lord was with Samuel as he grew up and “none of his words, fell to the ground.” I Samuel 3:19 (NIV) NONE of his words fell to the ground, NONE of his words were without effect, NONE? Not one word? How many times in my day do I utter words that have no effect? Or…even worse…have ill effect? I am afraid it is way too many times during the day. I am one that likes to have the last word…and that is not a good thing. As I have gotten older, I do try and think before I speak, but I still have trouble with my tongue. I still say things that should not be said. I still say things that cause pain. I still say things that fall to the ground…can I get to a point in my life that NONE of my words fall to the ground? I doubt it, but it is certainly a goal for which to strive. The other part of this story is “your servant is listening.” Umm…that is certainly something that I should reflect on. I am a good talker, but do I listen? Not nearly as well as I should, but that is a reflection for another day…
Yesterday, I wrote about wholeheartedly giving of myself, wholeheartedly praying, wholeheartedly doing…late yesterday afternoon I ran across this. It really touched my heart and it might touch yours too.
Lord, please help me control my tongue today so that my words do not fall to the ground. Help me to say things that have value to you and to those hearing them. Thank you for all that you are doing in my life and the lives of those that I love and hold dear. Lord, I continue to need patience as you will unfolds and your works are revealed. Help those closest to my heart to seek your will for their own life and give them and me peace, please. Thank you for the glorious day that lies ahead…
Peace and Blessing….


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