It has been pretty crazy around here the last few weeks. I am going to share about some of the craziness in another post, for now I want to tell you about a surprising email I received a couple of weeks ago. And you have a chance to enter a giveaway!

As you know, I LOVE DaySpring and as an affiliate I am in an affiliate Facebook group. Recently, there was a post about an upcoming sale on the Letterpress Blocks. They were looking for a few people to help promote the sale. I emailed that I would love to participate, but didn’t own any of the sets. The coordinator emailed me back asking for some stats from my blog. Uh oh! I was sure that would put me out of the running. A few days later I got the BEST news in my inbox! I was going to be allowed to participate in the special promotion and they were going to send me a set of the Everyday Words or the Inspirational Words. She asked which set I wanted and asked me to send her my address so she could send them out that day. Seriously??? I was overjoyed. I said either would be fine, but that I was headed out of town for the wedding and to please not ship them until later. We got home Sunday afternoon and my box was delivered on Monday morning. Happiness all around!

Do you enjoy decorating and playing with things on your walls and shelves of your home?

Then Letterpress Blocks are just the thing for you!

I opened the box and started playing with them. When you open the box, it looks like this. The small white box in the lower left corner are the clips used to connect the blocks. The other white pieces are styrofoam packing. The blocks can be used in many different  ways and you can put them together to spell different words!

DaySpring letterpress blocksDaySpring Letterpress Block Clips

I began simply with the word Joy. The clips are tight, but I was able to get them on using no tools other than my fingers and thumbs! Oh, and when you turn them over to connect them, be sure to spell your word backwards so when you turn it over it really says Joy, not yoJ! Guess how I learned that!?!?

DaySpring Letterpress Blocks DaySpring Letterpress BlocksDaySpring Letterpress Blocks

The blocks are so versatile!

The Inspirational Words have letters for Faith, Joy, Hope, Grace, Light, Holy, Live, Glory, Heart, Love and Give. Have a screened in porch? Spell PORCH and hang it on the wall or set it on a table. Want to remind yourself to help others? Spell HELP. You can use the letters to remind you of your One Word for the year or just to bring you JOY by having inspirational words on a wall or shelf.

DaySpring Letterpress

These blocks are easy to put together using the clips provided and can easily be changed with the seasons or with your decor.

DaySpring Letterpress

I hung HOPE on my wall.

DaySpring Letterpress Blocks

They come with detailed instructions.

DaySpring Letterpress Block Instructions

You can also use them as bookends. I didn’t have a “Z”, but that would be cool!

DaySpring Letterpress Blocks

Here is a link to an article on the DaySpring site sharing 10 Fun Ways You Can Use Letterpress Blocks!

Would you like to get a set of these AWESOME blocks?  You can go here and purchase a set now they are marked WAY DOWN! Less than half price!! OR you can leave a comment below on which set you would like and on Wednesday, August 17th I will choose a random winner to receive a onetime use code for $25.00 off and FREE SHIPPING.

Share this post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to receive additional entries. Leave an extra comment for each share. The sale runs through Thursday, August 18th and if you win, you need to use the code by midnight, August 18th.


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