I have given myself a
goal of writing and publishing every Monday through the end of
September. Since I’ve been out of the habit – and that is what it is you
know, a habit – of posting on a regular basis that is quite a
challenge. But I have given this a lot of thought and prayer. I know I
am supposed to stay on in this space. At least for a while longer. Setting a goal like this forces me to publish and then see where that leads. 

I struggled getting something ready for today.

Then, yesterday (Sunday) I saw this on my in(Courage) calendar.

Sometimes I think I am looking for some big. Something different. Something that will WOW me.

The fact of the matter is that the ordinary should WOW me.  I spent some time with some of John’s family this weekend. I took my niece shopping and she was talking about how there are “special” things that are for special occasions.  I thought for a moment, then I told her I no longer save things for “special occasions.” 

Crystal wine glasses…every time I need a glass.

My favorite dishes…whenever I want.

Special occasions happen every day. 
I believe LIFE is a special occasion. 

So, find your ordinary today and remember it is extraordinary. It is a gift from God.

Jessica Turner wrote the quote in the photo above and today she wrote this beautiful post for in(Courage). You should check it out.

What is your extraordinary ordinary today?


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