for me. Today I started the first organized study of a book of the Bible.  I am participating in the Good Morning Girls study of the book of Ephesians.  In a way, I am embarrassed to admit that this is my first organized study. But one thing I have learned from other bloggers and the Relevant conference is to be truthful and transparent.  So there you have it folks….I have NEVER participated in an organized Bible study group.  EVER. In 51 years.  Even though I grew up in church and went to every service – my dad WAS the pastor, after all. *smile*

I had the opportunity to meet Courtney at the Relevant conference last October – one of the organizers of Good Morning Girls.  She was one of the most open, welcoming and engaging speakers of the conference.  She is part of the reason I wanted to check this out.

Life is a series of choices and I am making this one.  It will be a new and different experience for me.  I am certain that I will be distracted at times, but I pray that I have the strength to persevere.  This is just one choice in a lifetime of choices…

Lord, be with me as I walk this journey with the Good Morning Girls.  May my eyes and ears be opened to you and your will.  I pray that I will learn from you and the other women on this journey.  Thank you for this opportunity.

What about you?  What new and different choices are you embarking on this year?


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