We have a winner in my giveaway!!  Dawn at A Helping Hand won.  Dawn, you need to contact me within 48 hours through my blog with your mailing information.  I will ship your book to you.  Dawn will receive a copy of Billy Graham’s book Hope for Each Day.  It is a book that I use in my daily quiet time.  Dawn will receive a newer version than I have; this one has space to write your thoughts each day.  Dawn, I hope you find this book as helpful and useful as I have.
If you are wondering about the picture at the top…that is the actual name I pulled out of the bowl.  I thought I had typed it in a large enough font that I could take a picture and have it be seen, but I obviously did not!  After three attempts at trying to take a picture I wrote it red marker!  Thank you to all that entered.  Funny…until yesterday I didn’t have many entries, then I got several more at the last minute…
I tried something new this morning…I had my quiet time, but did no blogging until I had gone for a walk, maybe that will help me get my exercise back on track.  I wish I’d of had my camera…the fog way laying on the golf course in layers, it was absolutely beautiful. I cannot describe it…once again, I was reminded of the awesome beauty of the world the Lord has given us to use and enjoy.
A few weeks ago I mentioned Kristin Armstrong’s book, work in progress ? I am reading that…it is really good and thought provoking.  I have to read a little at a time and digest it.  Here is a verse she used that I am reflecting on:
My son, give me your heart
and let your eyes keep to my ways,
Proverbs 23:26 (NIV)
from The Message it reads:
Dear child, I want your full attention;
please do what I show you.
How often is my FULL attention given to the Lord?  How often do I hold back just a bit, because I am so busy?  I have so much to do?  I have other things crowding my heart?  Unfortunately, this occurs in my life more than I would like to admit.  It was good for me to exercise immediately after my quiet time today…I played some Steven Curtis Chapman on my iPod and got in a few miles…I feel better already AND I believe it will help me get my heart and focus back where it should be…on the Lord and my walk with him today.
Lord, thank you for this gentle reminder.  Thank you for women like Kristen Armstrong who use their very public presence to honor and glorify you.  Thank you for the sunshine, the chance to start a new today…help me to live my life as a reflection of you and your love for me and all of mankind.  Thank you for those that entered my giveaway and the reader of this post…please bless them and their families.  Thank you for taking care of Andy, please continue working in his life.
I hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend…what are you doing this weekend?  I am cleaning house!


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