Today is my Dad’s 90th birthday!
My three sisters and I were able to visit my parents all at the same time.  That doesn’t happen often.  I have three brothers who were not there.  I live on the east coast, I have three siblings in Arkansas  (where my parents live) and three in California.  It is a rare treat that we get together with my parents at the same time!
I am so thankful for the Christian home in which I was raised.  Was it perfect? No.  But no home is perfect.  I was given unconditional love and taught to make the Lord first in my life. 

My Mother’s birthday is in 11 days on February 12th.  She will be 89!  Their anniversary is February 13th and I believe they will have been married 69 years. 

I love you Mother and Daddy!  Happy Birthday!!


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