A few weeks ago after church on Sunday morning my friend, Carrie, came up to me and invited me to go on retreat with her.

I told her I would have to discuss it with John because we had tentative plans for that particular weekend.  

I discussed it with John and he immediately said I should go.

Carrie and me

It is interesting the things that the Lord uses to speak to us.  Or to me anyway!

Sometimes he speaks in the most unexpected places…in the most unexpected ways.

Sometimes he speaks subtly.
Sometimes he speaks LOUDLY.  And DIRECTLY.

So loudly, so directly that there is no DOUBTING that HE is speaking.  

And he used this retreat to speak to me.  

In. No. Uncertain. Terms.

Where my blog is concerned, I have been feeling lost.  Like I have no idea where I am going or what I am doing – or supposed to be doing with this space.  Wandering in the desert, if you will…kind of like the children of Israel, only I don’t want to wander for 40 years!  I have been praying about this for several weeks.  Looking for His will.  Wanting to  follow His lead…even if that meant closing shop…no longer having a blog.  

I was totally willing to let it go.  

To quit.  

To walk away.

But…I could not get a peace about doing that.  

Abandoning this space didn’t seem right.  But if I wasn’t supposed to stop blogging, then why wouldn’t the words come?  Why couldn’t I write something I felt good about, something that I felt He would want me to write?  

I went on this retreat and HE met me there.  He met me in the form of His presence being everywhere.  He met me on the hallowed grounds of the retreat center.  He met me in the lady sitting next to me at dinner the first night.  Throughout the weekend he used her words in a powerful, VERY powerful manner.  He met me in the final conference when the retreat director said “some of you are called to WRITE.”  

This weekend helped me to recognize what part of the problem was. I hope to work through some of the things I learned in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I continue counting my gifts…

691. a friend named Carrie.
692. new friends.
693. beautiful fall weather.
694. letting go of things.
695. finding peace.
696. working thorough some issues.
697. answered prayers.
698. knowing that it won’t be easy, but that I CAN succeed.
699. hearing AND listening.
700. seeing AND believing.
701. new nail polish.
702. red wine.
703. delicious dinner cooked by John.
704. new roads to travel.
705. new things to try.
706. brokenness.
707. healing.

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