YOU Are NOT The Number On The Scale
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I hope we can really believe this…our self-worth is not tied to the number on the scale. However, this should not prevent us from wanting to achieve a healthy lifestyle and for some of us, that may mean losing a few pounds…or a lot of pounds.

Last week, I shared some brief bullet points I think are worthy of our reflection when we are trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  I believe they are especially worth considering when we are stuck at a plateau and cannot figure out what is preventing us from losing weight or reaching our fitness goals.

Today and for the next two weeks I plan to elaborate on these points.

I will take the week of Christmas off.  I will post the Wednesday after Christmas and I am already excited about what I have planned for Wednesdays in January.  You won’t want to miss it.  If you haven’t already subscribed, you might consider doing so now. You know, so you don’t miss any of the really exciting stuff!

From last week…

Excuse vs. reason

These are different for all of us.  What is an excuse for me, might truly be a reason for you. Our lifestyles are all different.  I don’t have small children that I am tending to during the day, carting to dance lessons and ball practice.  My lifestyle is different from yours.  For me, being over-extended this time of year is probably an EXCUSE that I use to avoid making the healthier choice.  For you, it might really be a REASON.

When I am sick and get medication, that might be a REASON that I am struggling.  When I choose to stay up late, THEN I can’t get up…I might use being tired as an EXCUSE.

Do you see the difference?  When I worked for Weight Watchers this would always create good discussion among my members.  It is hard to facilitate a discussion in a blog post, but I hope you can see the difference and find the courage to make an honest judgement regarding the difference. 

It is something I have to work at all the time.  
It might be helpful to us if we can learn to learn to distinguish between the two.

One bad day

DOES NOT ruin a whole week.  I cannot stress this enough. I always urged my members to try and make more good choices than bad choices in a day.  And to have more good days than bad days in a week.  Can we do this?  This might be a good mantra for this holiday season.  Survey your week and plan accordingly.  Know that the upcoming party this weekend is ONE day…don’t let it ruin your whole week.

A little exercise

Is better than NO exercise!  I LOVE. LOVE. LOOOOVE this.  When I don’t want to exercise and feel I just cannot bring myself to get on the ski machine or the elliptical or go for a walk, then I give myself permission to do just 15 minutes of exercise.  

That’s it!  Just 15 minutes.  At the end of the 15 minutes I can quit.  Many times I’ll decide to do another 15 minutes, but there are days that I quit after 15 minutes.

Have you ever considered exercising for JUST 15 minutes?

Or do you have the mindset that it must be at least 30 – 45 minutes or even an hour to be beneficial?  I’m not saying 15 minutes is ideal, we should certainly strive to do more most days, but let’s give ourselves permission to do 15 minutes when 15 minutes is ALL we have.  Or when we feel like 15 minutes is all we can do, this thought process might be the ticket to doing SOMETHING!

And this time of year, there may REALLY be days when 15 minutes TRULY IS…all we have.

I touch on the some more of the bullet points next week.  

Until then…choose one thing to work on this week.  Don’t try to change everything at once.

How did you do with the choice you made last week?

After checking with Mary Beth to be sure that this series meet her criteria for linking up, I am joining her for her Work In Progress Wednesdays.

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