My family is part of a prayer group that meets once a month. The group consists of 10 families and kids are included. There are about 30 kids, ranging in age from 18 months to 13 years. Every family takes a turn hosting; we all bring drinks and a snack to share. Once everyone arrives we pray the rosary together and have shared prayer. Sometimes the host family will plan a family activity. Then we spend time together socializing.  This prayer group grew out of our parish retreat and the memories that are being made and the lessons taught to young children cannot be numbered or have a value place on them. I believe there is something to the saying, “the family that prays together, stays together.” In addition, these families are our friends, we can call on them for anything…to pray with us and for us, and to help us with something…whatever…they truly are our brothers and sisters in Christ. I absolutely love this group.

Not every family makes it every month, but most families do.  It is a precious moment to hear a 3 year old take her turn starting the Hail Mary…Hail Mary full of grace; the Lord is with me…that is what she said. The Lord is with me. I understand that the prayer is supposed to be the Lord is with Thee but, the Lord IS with me. No matter WHAT HAPPENS he is with ME…that is pretty awesome!

You can imagine when you get a bunch of kids in a room, even though you are praying, there can be some giggling and fidgeting.  The last time we were together some of the younger boys were not being as still and attentive as their Mother would have liked during prayer time. When it came her turn for shared prayer she prayed, “and Lord, please help me see my children as you see them.” Oh, my! What powerful words! That should be my prayer about others EVERY DAY!!! Lord, please help me see my family as YOU see them, help me see the clerk at the store as YOU see them, help me see my co-workers as YOU see them, please help me see the person that is not like me as YOU see them…if I used my eyes to see as the LORD sees, would I see things differently than I do when I look with my own eyes? I am sure that I would.  Too bad I can’t buy glasses that would help me see things as He sees them!

That is my prayer today…Lord, please help me to see others as you see them. Help me see the good that you have placed in them. Help me to see through the frustration and the annoyance. Please help me to remember this as I go about my day. Thank you Lord for all your blessing and for this group we call “Families of the Cross.”

I hope you have a blessed day………


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