I remember when I first met Michelle DeRusha online. I stumbled upon her blog and she had been to the back waters (might be called something else, I don’t know) of Minnesota and I was reading about her adventures. Let’s see…she drives until the road ends, gets in a canoe and starts to paddle and finally stops at a place to spend the night….in a tent. I read her blog for a few days or weeks before I commented. I told her I thought she was really brave. She said, “it was just a couple of nights.” Sounded like eternity to me.

Michelle, Deidra & Me – Allume 2011

Fast forward a few months and I got to meet Michelle in person at the Allume Conference (then Relevant) in October of 2011. She was warm and engaging and she was a real writer. And she was the first person to call ME a writer.

I saw her in person again at the Jumping Tandem Retreat in April of 2013, then again this summer I had breakfast with her & Deidra Riggs when John and I were passing through their town.

Deidra, Me (& Leroy), Michelle

Friends, let me tell you…Michelle DeRusha IS brave. And I don’t just mean canoeing and camping in the upper Midwest! She is brave enough to write when she is afraid. And that bravery has lead her to her newest book, which releases today.

I found this book to be both interesting and surprising. I wasn’t sure how one would write about this topic without writing a biography of each woman. But this book is not a biography of these women, it is a story of their faith journey, written in an engaging manner, sharing their story.  Sharing their thoughts and ideas. At times I would think, “I’ve felt that way.” Michelle does a fantastic job of capturing some essence of the woman in the first paragraph of each chapter that made me want to continue reading about every one of them. 

I cannot imagine the hours and hours of research Michelle had to do to birth this book. But I am so glad that she stuck to the task and did not quit! This book should be read by every Christian…man or woman. It made me appreciate my faith and the path traveled by the Christian women before me. 

They were strong.

They were courageous.

They battled disease, loss of family and doubt.

They came out on the other side a stronger person. And I can learn a lot from all of them.

Michelle is giving away a personalize copy of the book on her blog today to celebrate.
Hop on over there and check it out.
By the way, I loved her memoir Spiritual Misfit too! 
I was on the launch team for this book and received a free copy.
All thoughts and ideas are my own.


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