It hits me.
And I never saw it coming.
The sadness.  The sorrow.  The grief.  It is right here – front and center.
Today, in my office.  In the middle of the afternoon.
She died almost 20 years ago and yet, I still cry. 
Will I ever stop crying over losing her?   I hope not. 
But I wish I could get a handle on the weird times the tears just start.  They just come right out of the clear blue.  For no apparent reason.  I start crying and the sorrow is so great.  The salty tears running like water from a spring.
Then…it passes.  I remember that I am thankful for a few short days back in 1992.  A few short days that changed my life forever.
I miss you, Amy.    

Andy and Amy
June 12, 1992


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