I was in Nebraska!

I am trying to process what I learned while I was here.  While there were workshops on writing, social media, breaking through fear while pursuing your God-sized dream and talks on how to find your God-sized dream…even with all of that going on, this was WORSHIP people.

SERIOUSLY worshipful.  It was one of the most moving and worshipful retreats I have ever attended.

I got to spend time with friends I had met before like Denise and Michelle.  I also got to meet some new ones.

The keynotes by Holley, Jennifer and Lisa-Jo were incredible. 

Heart touching.


I cannot begin to share all that I learned about life and myself.  I just know that God has a plan for me.  I am still trying to discern what my God-sized dream is, but I know there is one.  I have a small inkling of what it might be and I am trying to jump in rather than tip-toe ever so carefully.

I am trying to face my fear head on.

This retreat was Deidra’s God-sized dream.  I pray that she does it again next year.  I’ll be one of the first to sign up.

And by the way, I had a day pass.  I stayed at a hotel off site…and I think I would probably do that again.

The picture at the top of the page…that is the Holy Family Shrine.  I visited it on Saturday afternoon during free time.  I’ll share more pictures another time.  I cannot believe how peaceful and serene it is.

This weekend was more than I imagined it could or would be.  It was all I hoped for and much, much more.

I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks.

Have you been on a retreat?  What was the best thing about it?



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