Last week, while I was away and had a VERY. SLOW. INTERNET CONNTECTION I was going to repost this entry.  In the process I lost my connection and instead of just reposting it, the post ended up in my draft file with the original post disappearing completely.  So, I decided to post it today.

Come and listen, all you who fear God;

let me tell you what he has done for me.
Psalm 66:16 (NIV)
Last year, it is this verse on which Kristin Armstrong reflected in an entry in Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotions.  I enjoy using Living Faith as a springboard for my morning quiet time.  Some of the reflections speak more clearly to me than others, but Kristin’s reflections ALWAYS speak to me.  I remember the first time I found out who she was…her writings became even more meaningful.
In this entry Kristin wrote “In my weakest moments, when fear threatens to engulf me and my unbelief taunts me, I recall how God has saved me in the past.”  She goes on to say she has a list of these “intimate miracles” when God has made something good out of what seemed to be an impossible situation.  I have those times in my life…those times when I didn’t see HOW anything good could come out of life’s situations or the MESS. I. HAD. MADE.  But…miraculously something good does come out of the seemingly hopeless situation or the mess.  The only explanation is the Hand of God.  When my daughter, Amy, died…I thought life just might be over, when we were told we could have no more children, when depression threatened to take over my life, when things were so dark that I felt there was no way something good came of it…when all was said and done, things were OK.  HE made something good out of a mess.
I think it is good to be reminded that God is good…not only in the good times, but even in the bad or dark times.  Is it not in those times that we feel HIS hand the most?  Is it not in those times that we feel HIS guiding touch?  Is it not when we are barely hanging on that HE reaches HIS hand out to us and we only have to grasp it?  A list of these times in our life is probably a good thing…then, when we are in a dark place, when things seem hopeless, we can pull out the list and rejoice!  For we are children of the King.  Daughters and Sons of the Most High.  We belong to the Savior of the world…who needs more than that?

Lord, thank you for reminding me of this post.  Thank you for all that you have done in my life…all the good times and not so good.  Thank you for making something good out of the mess.

I hope you have a blessed day…has the Lord been there for you in your dark times?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

an edited repost from the archives


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