But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8
It’s happening again…that feeling I get when another year has passed and some of things that I wanted to change this year did not change.  Things that I wanted to change before I turned 50, then before I turned 51…but I didn’t succeed.  I sit and reflect…think of what a failure I am, then through the wonders of blogging and clicking I am directed to a site where a different video, but this song is featured.  HE loves me!  HE died for me!  HE gives me the gift of eternal life.  HE wanted me to be a part of HIS family.
I am NOT a failure.  I am HIS.  HE loves me!
This is a real fault of mine (I didn’t say ONLY)…getting down on myself, not seeing the beauty HE created, but the mess the I create.
Lord, thank you for the grace you have given me. 
Thank you for choosing me.  Thank you for this reminder.
I am being very transparent here…at the risk of having you think poorly of me.  The thing is…if I am going to share my life in this manner, then I have to be real, I have to be transparent, I have to be truthful.  Thank you for reading…and listening.
Have a great day…


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