This is one of those mornings when my quiet time didn’t lead to any “aha!” moments, didn’t lead to any deep understanding of the scripture passages I was reading, didn’t lead to…I think you get the idea. So, I find myself wondering what I am supposed to share with you today.

I have been writing for 30 minutes. I have typed, deleted, typed, deleted, typed and deleted again…I have no idea what I am supposed to do today. So, I leave you with this thought. Today’s reflection in Living Faith was titled “Wholehearted Prayer.” I need to work on that. Maybe that is why I am having so much trouble writing something to share with you…because I am uncomfortable with the thought of “Wholehearted Prayer.” I think it goes back to what I mentioned yesterday…I want to hold on to a piece of the issue (whatever it may be), I struggle with “wholeheartedly” giving it to the Lord. God sent his only son to the cross to die for my sins…wholeheartedly and unconditionally. I have to meet NO conditions to receive the gift of eternal life…I only need to accept it. I don’t have to clean up my act first. I don’t have to get my house in order. I don’t have to do ANYTHING except say yes to the gift. I accepted this gift many years ago. I have had many opportunities in my life to wholeheartedly let God take control, but I usually hold onto something. So…my prayer today is that I wholeheartedly give myself to the Lord and his will. Surrender my all…if you know me personally, you know that will be hard for me. I like to be in control….so, Lord, please, please, help me surrender my will to you. Help me wholeheartedly listen to what you are saying. Help me to lose myself to being the wife, mother, friend, co-worker that YOU want me to be, please help me be willing to let go. Lord, this is going to be very hard for me…but I truly do want to let go and let you take control. Please help me find the strength to do so.
By the way, I was able to edit the picture from yesterday and lighten it up…scroll down and you will see that now you can actually SEE the crescent moon!

Peace and blessings….


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