LOOK – it came!  I had pre-ordered it from Amazon and it was released this week and arrived yesterday!!!

Do you know The Nester?  I will not say that I read her blog every day, because I don’t.  But occasionally, I will sit down and read several posts at one time. She is the ultimate decorating DIY guru, in my opinion. All the while being affordable.

I started this post last week on Tuesday and was going to come back and finish it, then post it on Wednesday. In the meantime, my laptop got a NASTY, VICIOUS virus and is out of commission.  I am finishing this up on the iPad, which is certainly not my favorite way to blog!!
It will be quiet around here until I get my computer straightened out.  Today is Monday, May 5th and it will be a week or so before I have it all repaired. Ugh!!!
All the best,

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