I took an unexpected blogging break last week.  I went out of town on Thursday and returned yesterday.  

It’s Monday and I continue counting my gifts…

680. safes travel in driving rain storms.
681. wonderful time in the car with Andy.  (It’s amazing what kids – even young adult kids – will share when in the car.)
682. seeing old friends.
683. visiting this place.  Can you guess where we were?

684. problems working out
685. John’s good report from the doctor. 
686. friends meeting us on their way out of town.

687. driving in an area where people don’t honk!
688. sleep. I was so tired when we got home!
689. nice weather for drive home.
690. good friends where I now call home.

I’ll be leaving again on Wednesday and returning on Tuesday, then it will be back to work and my leisurely days of summer will end. 

Joining with Ann at A Holy Experience


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