And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love.
I Corinthians 13:13
441. unconditional love.
442. childhood filled with love.
443. family that loves me.
444. husband that loves me.
445. friends that love me.
446. wonderful weekend.
447. party with friends.
448. chocolate.
449. phone calls.
450. amazon dot com.
451. digital cameras.
452. new great nephews.
453. cleansing tears.
454. hugs.
455. kisses.
456. warm socks.
457. new friends.
458. good wine.
459. filet mignon.
460. Pioneer Woman’s cookbook.
461. husband that tries new recipes.
462. learning to be patient.
463. accepting less than perfection.
464. trying new things.
465. peaceful sleep.
This weekend we hosted our prayer group (minus the 30 kids) for a wine and food pairing party.  We held these parties every year for 7 years before moving out east.  This was the first one we have held since moving here.  Not the first party…the first wine and food pairing party.  My table looked like this…
There are place cards and goodies bags.  Last year, I had a dinner party for this group and a couple showed up in formal dress…he was in a tux and she in a lovely red cocktail dress.  (John & I were very casual – in blue jeans.)  This year that couple showed up in Scottish dress…he in a kilt playing his bagpipes and she in the cutest kilt-looking skirt, knee socks and sweater.  I was busy and didn’t get a picture.  I sure hope someone at the party did and e-mails it to me!!  John & I cook the food, serve it with appropriate wines (in our humble opinion) discuss the tastes, etc.  People have a menu with the wines we will be serving and what the foods will be and a place to take notes if they want to remember anything and take their notes home.  Instead of taking notes for themselves…they took notes and left them for us to read later.  TOO FUNNY!!!  We are blessed with such dear friends here.  It was an evening reminiscent of good times had back in the Midwest!
This is the table from the other end.  The table wasn’t complete when I took this picture.  I also had grapes on the tables and cheese and crackers for nibbling during the evening.  We served bruschetta paired with Sauvignon Blanc, garlic cheese bread and chicken scampi paired with Chardonnay, oven roasted pork tenderloin with Pinot Noir and filet mignon with Cabernet Sauvignon.  Nibbles of each thing…but over the course of the evening you actually eat plenty of food.  At least, I think they did.  Every couple brought a snack to share and after the pairings we retreated to the kitchen and hung out there eating more food.
Lord, I am so thankful that you have brought us some wonderful friends here in this place I am trying to call home.  Thank you for the restful weekend and the new adventures that await me this week.  Please give me the courage I need to meet the challenges ahead of me.
This week’s accounting is difficult for me.  I don’t know if I will post again this week, but I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with JOY and your week with peace and blessings!


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