Dear Friends,

I started a post last Thursday morning and my computer would have none of it.  I had no idea if the problem was my computer or Blogger.  Whatever the case, it didn’t happen.  My computer would. not. work!  After running several scans and removing some tracking cookies…nothing serious…my computer started working fine.  Until I got ready to publish a post this morning.  It would have none of it again…it makes me wonder if it is Blogger or my computer…or is it the Lord telling me I do not need to blog?  I am not sure what it is, but it is very frustrating especially when it started happening again this morning.  Only now everything works fine except when start to blog…not sure what that means.

But I want to add to my gratitude list…

512. John safely home from a business trip.
513. jobs.
514. money for bills, food and shelter.
515. the blessing of good friends.
516. peace about some things that were troubling me.
517. Families of the Cross.
518. the sun shining.
519. a beautiful full moon.
520. accounting almost over.
521. blogging friends.

Joining the gratitude community at Ann’s place.

Lord, I am sure there is a lesson for me in my computer troubles…I just don’t know what it is, but I am listening.  Please be with me as I go about my week…accounting is almost over Lord, and I just need to hang in there.  Then I need a break!  Thank you for so many, many blessings.  Things are working out much better than I anticipated with Andy being home – thank you Lord.  Please be with K. and the kids these next two weeks while B. is away.  Keep her and the kids safe and give them a pleasant time.  Be with B. and help him stay focused on his work and give him peace while away from his family.  Thank you for this week Lord…I look forward to Easter Sunday.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


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