I’m travelling today – returning home from a visit with my mom. 
Thought I would share a song with you.

When Amy died 22 years ago, I listened to a lot of Christian music.  It brought me through the darkest of days. 

During that time it was easy to believe that her death was in some way, my fault. 
It wasn’t. 

It was easy to believe that I wasn’t lovable because I must have done something wrong.
I didn’t.

This song ministered to me then and continues to minister to me today.  This is one of my favorite lines.

Spiritual freedom comes from believing
you are loved as you are.

The lyrics…


By Michele Wagner & Timothy K Norris
© 1989 Paragon Music Corp./ASCAP


Verse 1


You line up your failures and count them again
Is there one more second chance
You’ve made good first impressions but their big expectations
Brought fear along the way
So you hide your dreams you cover your scars
You’re afraid someone might know you
But spiritual freedom comes from believing
You’re loved as you are



You’re beautiful like a diamond in the sun
You’re so beautiful and you’re becoming brighter
You’re beautiful and the world needs so much to see
All the treasure in your soul
You’re beautiful

Verse 2


We all are imperfect most insecure
We’re afraid of who we are
It’s hard to imagine this world that we live in
It’s could need us at all
But we must be worth something for Jesus to bear
The scars of perfect love
And begin the refining until we are shining
A jewel in His care


 You’re beautiful!!!

May you recognize that you are loved…just as you are.
What is one of your favorite songs?


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