Do you have to remind yourself that everything in life is NOT a blog post?  I find myself thinking “is this something to write about?”  My friend, Dianne, commented on this when I wrote this recent post.
It is true.  All of my life is not for my blog.
Not for Twitter.
And not for Facebook.
I don’t post a lot on either of these social networking sites.  Truth be told, social networking isn’t my favorite thing.  I think it has a place, I’m just not sure that I have a place at that table.
There are people that are TOTALLY gifted in the social media arena.  They can pack a powerful punch in 140 characters or less.  Me?  I still spell out most things when I send a text on my cell phone.  Oh…and I don’t really like to text either.  Just so you know. 
Those people that are gifted in the area of social media?  I have great respect for them!  Take Lisa-Jo, Social Media Manager for DaySpring.  Or Stefanie Brown, Social Media Manager for The Seed Company.  These women ROCK.  Big Time!  They can do more with 140 characters than I could do with 1040 characters!
The picture I used in this post was taken back in December when I took my niece and sister to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania when they were visiting me from California.  The Amish & Mennonite families live a different life than I do.  A slower, less hurried lifestyle.
I bet they don’t worry about tweeting on schedule, updating their FB status or using Instagram and Pinterest.  And, by the way, I don’t do either of the last two.  For one thing, I don’t need another internet site taking up my time.  If I got started on Pinterest, I know I would have a REAL problem.
Anyway, I think there is something to be said for a slower paced life.  Without constant updating, tweeting and internet connections.
So…all of my life is not a blog post, a status update, nor can it be summarized in 140 characters or less.
Just my random thoughts…what are your thoughts on social media?


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