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There are times in our lives when working to achieve a healthy lifestyle seems like we are trying to climb an impossible mountain. 

Trying to scale the side of a rock…straight up.

Trying to dream an impossible dream.

We feel defeated.

We think it cannot be done.

But…it can be done.  We can scale that mountain side.

We can be VICTORIOUS. 

But to achieve this goal, 
we have to change our mindset.

I had shared that in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle we had to start today.  It doesn’t matter how hard it seems or how much we want it…

change will not happen if we do NOT START!

So…beginning today and continuing most Wednesdays throughout the year I am going to be focusing on working towards a healthy lifestyle.  And I am calling this series…

we can win! wednesdays 

To start this series I want to share what I have found to be one of the most important things that I have learned in regards to achieving a healthy lifestyle.  

I had to recognize and ADMIT that….

I have a weight problem.
I will ALWAYS have a weight problem.
To lose weight and maintain that weight loss 
I must watch what I eat and exercise.

That does not mean that I do not have a life, that means that I must learn to manage my life and at the same time watch what I eat and exercise.

I read an article in the October 1999 issue of SHAPE magazine that changed my life.  This article pointed out that to lose weight…

“you must stop making a distinction between dieting and your normal life.”

Since I believe that diets start on Monday morning and end around 2 o’clock Monday afternoon, when I was working for Weight Watchers I changed this to say…

“we must stop making a distinction between a healthy lifestyle and our normal life.”
Let’s personalize this…

“I, Mary Bonner, must stop making a distinction between a healthy lifestyle and my normal life.” 
Once I accept that a healthy lifestyle and the choices associated with that lifestyle 
is normal…it is WHAT. I. DO…it is part of WHO. I. AM….then I find it easier to stay focused.

When I began to see healthy lifestyle changes and choices as part of my normal, everyday life, I began to find it less stressful.  Less offensive.  Less difficult.

Once I ACCEPTED that I would always have a weight problem, then I could approach the entire process differently. 

I try to make healthier food choices most of the time because I try to think of that as NORMAL. 

I try to exercise most days because I try to think of that as NORMAL.

I try to limit sweets and I TRY (I’m not always successful!) to think of that as NORMAL.

A good piece of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine…that is NORMAL. 

Daily sweet treats, like cakes and cookies…not normal.

A dozen chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven…that cannot be NORMAL! At least not for me.

Many of us have weight issues but a healthy lifestyle is not only about our weight.  

Besides, thin or skinny people are not always healthy!

But…if you want to join me on this quest for a healthy lifestyle, you want to lose weight, you want to exercise, you want to CHANGE your lifestyle, then I encourage you to consider making this your mantra…

“I,  your name   , must stop making a distinction between a healthy lifestyle and my normal life.”  

There is a peace that comes with acceptance.  So, I encourage you to ACCEPT that healthy lifestyle takes work and for many of us, this does not just happen.  And let’s remember that being skinny or thin does not necessarily make one healthy.  We need to be eating right, getting some exercise and make more healthy choices than non-healthy choices.
This week, I encourage you to pray about this process of achieving a healthy lifestyle.  Ask the Lord for guidance as you determine how to go about making better choices.  Look around your kitchen, your office, your car…the places where you spend your time, the places you eat and determine if the food available is healthy.  In the coming weeks we will examine 9 steps that I have found to be very helpful to me in my quest for a healthy lifestyle.

One last thing…take a minute to read Holley’s post.  I missed the free book, but it was only $2.99, so I bought it.  It is worth the money!

So…what do you think?  Are you willing to make this your mantra?  Are you willing to work towards making this your NORMAL life?


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