Many are the plans in a man’s heart,

but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. 
 Proverbs 19:21
I am trying to discern in my heart what the Lord’s purpose is for me…are the things that in which I currently find myself completely immersed HIS purpose or MY plans?  I don’t know…between work, housework, the accounting class that is WAY more difficult than I imagined, company coming, church committee meetings, etc…you get the idea, you are as busy as I am.  So, I am trying to discern what I should do and where I am supposed to go from here.  This is my first post since last WEDNESDAY…that says something right there!!  I cannot remember a time that I went that long without posting.  Last week, I had my first accounting test – it wasn’t a hard test.  In fact it was an easy test, not that I could remember ANYTHING I had studied!!  I don’t even know if I will make a 60.  I have never had test anxiety, but I had it that night.  This class requires a lot more time that I thought it would.  We had a tremendous amount of rain last week and Friday sometime…the sump pump quit.  Fortunately, we were HERE and NOT out of town and I was off.  It quit sometime in the night or early morning and we had a lot of water, but didn’t lose anything of value.  The incident DID help us get rid of some junk!  Garbage day will be interesting at my house this week!  I have company coming on Friday and will have company for two weeks.  I have two large projects at work and church meetings this week…to say I am overwhelmed is an understatement.  But…the Lord’s purpose will prevail…that is my comfort…
So, Lord, I come to you today with a thankful heart, but a confused mind.  I thank you for all you have done for me…even the water that got in the basement, we got rid of a bunch of junk.  I thank you for the weekend…Lord, please help me remember to look up, so that I can see you and please help me to figure out how I should spend my time and where I should direct my energies.  I am overwhelmed with everything that needs done and not sure how I can get it done, but I know with your help…it will all work out.
Thank you for it all.
I hope you have a wonderful day…I don’t know when I will be back this week. 


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