Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him…
Luke 24:31a
I wonder what the two on the road to Emmaus thought when this man just came up and started walking with them.  Were they annoyed because maybe they were having a private conversation?  Were they sad because the body of their Lord was “missing” and maybe they didn’t want to talk about it with a stranger?  And then…this “person” that inserted himself into their walk and into their conversation had the NERVE to ask what they were talking about.  When I read Luke 24, I see myself.  I see myself as the person walking, absorded in my own thoughts, own issues, own ideas…MY…MY…MY. What would happen if I opened my eyes and became more aware of HIM and the things he is trying to teach me and show me in my life every. minute. of. the. day.
Lord, please open my eyes…help me to be aware and present every minute…looking for you and ways to serve you.  Finding you.  Seeing you.  Living my life for you…even when it doesn’t make sense to me.  Help me to be aware that I may be on the road to Emmaus, that the stranger I meet…just might be you.  What a glorious thing, Lord, that you came and dwelt among your people and that you live and dwell within me.  Please Lord, help me to see You in those around me.  Please open my eyes Lord.  Help me to continue to live Easter.

I hope you have a blessed day….


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