I have contemplated participating in this for almost two month…a gratitude journal.  Ann at A Holy Experience does it. She calls it Multitude Monday One Thousand Gifts.  I love her blog.  But I worry that I will not follow thru…that I will not stay with it…that somehow, someway I might fail.  Gee…that’s news! I am human, after all!  Failure is part of who I am…part of who we are as human beings.  But, I cannot get the gratitude idea out of my head.  So much so, that I am getting sick at my stomach this morning…that is what happens to me when the Lord is telling me to do something and I resist.  I believe the Lord communicates with each of us in his own way and that is how he gets to me sometimes.  So…here I go…the beginnings of my gratitude journal…

  1. salvation, by grace, thru faith Ephesians 2:8
  2. a husband that loves me
  3. a son that challenges me to think outside my box
  4. friends that encourage me
  5. the snow that makes me thankful for warmth

holy experience


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