We were sitting on the deck looking out at the ocean talking about the upcoming wedding of her friend. The groom’s mother has decided that she isn’t having anything to do with the wedding. She isn’t going to come. She isn’t going to participate.

I asked if the mother didn’t like the bride or what. No, was the answer. The mother of the groom liked the bride just fine…until they started planning the wedding and now the mom has decided she doesn’t want any part of it.

No reason.

No explanation.

Just NO.

The young woman with whom I was talking said her mother told her, “I don’t care who you marry. Even if I don’t like them, I will be there. You are my child and I love you…no matter what.”

I love you no matter what.

It reminded me of the simple truth that Jesus loves me – no matter what. It reminded me of the sacrifice he made for us when he took our sins upon himself and died. For me. For you. For everybody.

He loves me. He love you. No matter what. Check out Romans 8:35-39
That is a fact that gives me comfort on this Monday morning.

What gives you comfort?
Prayer request: my friend Elizabeth Dianne is having surgery tomorrow. 
Would you please pray for her?



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