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On our honeymoon, May 1983

Today’s prompt: IMAGINE

It didn’t turn out like I imagined it would.  But in some ways it is better. 

We don’t have as many children as I thought we might have in our married life.  But what we do have is good.  It is like He planned and designed.

Thirty years of marriage is a long time.  It has been a crazy and wild ride, but it has been an amazing journey of good, bad, awesome, ugly, fast and furious…but it has been a ride that I would not trade for anything.

But we didn’t get here by accident.  No, it has been hard work.  There were date nights.  And trips.  And nights spent in hospitals with kids.  There were funerals and mornings spent at the cemetery, remembering what might have been.

Then there was that bright sunny Tuesday morning spent at the funeral home…then at the cemetery.

Yes, thirty years of marriage brings many things…not the least of which is a good friend, a great husband and father, a good leader, my companion, someone to hold me when I cry and when I laugh.

We both had good teachers.  Both of our parents have been married for almost 70 years.  I know, we are blessed in this area. 

Marriage isn’t easy.  But when God is at the center of your marriage, it is easier.  There will be hard times.  Yeah, real hard times. But it is worth trudging through…imagining the better times.

If you are struggling, then say a prayer and hang in there.


Lord, bless the women (& men?) that might read these words.  Give them strength to get through their day.  If they are at a rocky stage in their marriage, give them guidance, peace and knowledge of what to do.


This is us…same place, 30 years later

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