Normally, on Friday I join Lisa-Jo for 5 minute Friday.  Obviously, I did not do that today. I think it is because I have been involved in this semi-overhaul of my blog this week.  I am tired!

KUDOS to Gretchen.  She was incredibly helpful with my transition.  If you haven’t met her, then go there now and introduce yourself.  You can find her on twitter too.  She knows everything techie…I promise.  She even retrieved some info I thought was lost.  She is amazing.  Thank you, Gretchen!!

Here is what I did do this morning…I made these.  If you haven’t tried them, then you should.  Easy-peasy and delish!!

I followed the recipe exactly, only I greased my pan, then lined it with parchment paper and greased the parchment.  Makes for easier cleanup!  Also, dropped the filling over the dough, like little cookies.  I didn’t worry about covering every inch of the dough.  I trimmed the edge of the dough that had no filling and spread butter and cinnamon sugar on it, then backed those pieces for 10 minutes.

Believe it or not, I only had 1 – yes 1 – roll.  Now I am off to exercise, then I have some house projects to do today.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I’ll see some of you at ALLUME in two weeks!  So excited!



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