open hands

Recently, my thoughts have turned to open hands.  I wonder if they way I hold my hands – open or closed – is a symbol of my openness to Him and His will.  To what He is doing in and through me.

I think about things that are happening in my life and I wonder, WHY?  Why, Lord?  Why THIS?  Why NOW?  Why AGAIN?

I am really working on being open to receiving ALL that He has for me…even the things that don’t seem to be “good things” at the particular moment in which they are occurring.

But, how much can I RECEIVE if my hands are closed?

Sometimes I feel like Isaiah…

But I said, “I have labored in vain; 
   I have spent my strength for nothing at all. 
Yet what is due me is in the LORD’s hand
   and my reward is with my God.”

Isaiah 49:4

I feel like Isaiah because I feel like much of what I do on this earth is in vain.  Sometimes, I wonder what the plan is for my life.  Thankfully, Isaiah reminds me that my reward is NOT here, it is NOT on this earth.  It is yet to come.

So, when life gets me down, when I am at a loss and feel like I am at the end of my rope…I can remember the best is yet to come.  He is in charge and all I do is NOT in vain.

Lord, thank you for the reminder that my reward is not on this earth. Thank you for reminding me that I do NOT have to understand to believe and that I do not have to have things under control because YOU handle the controls.  Lord, please help me to keep my hands and heart open to receiving ALL that you have for me.

Do you ever feel like you are laboring in vain?  Do the actions of your children make you wonder who raised them?  Do the times you try to do the right thing and it blows up in your face make you wonder if it is worth the trouble?  Rest assured, my friend, if you experience these feelings, then you are NOT alone.  But take comfort in the fact that your reward is not here!

Open hands…open to receiving ALL that HE has for me.


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