Sometimes I find it interesting just how God works.  The things he does in my life to challenge me.  To amuse me.  To comfort me.  And I never fail to be surprised by his timing.
As you may know, my dad passed away on March 4th.  I shared some of my thoughts about that here and I have not written much in the past month or so.  During March I have spent 16 nights away from home, traveled over 10,000 miles, been on 8 airplanes and spent more than 36 hours in a car.  And I am tired.
Really tired.
But this morning, I am refreshed.  Not because I got the greatest nights sleep on a fabulous mattress in a luxurious bedroom.
No, I am refreshed because I read this verse this morning…
Blessed are those who mourn, 
for they will be comforted.
Matthew 5:4 
And then I read this “The way up is down.  Of all the virtues Christ commended in the Beatitudes, it is significant that the first is humility, being ‘poor in spirit,’ a quality that underlies all the others.  You cannot mourn without appreciating how insufficient you are to handle life by your own strength.” (emphasis mine)
I read this in The Modern Life Study Bible God’s Word For Our World (page 1332). I am refreshed because I am insufficient to handle life by myself.  Recognizing my insufficiency, allows me to rest in his sufficiency.  Recognizing my less, allows me to rest in his more.

Recognizing that I can’t, but he CAN allows me to have peace.

And THAT, my friend, is why I am feeling refreshed this morning.  I can’t.  But HE can!

I received an e-mail sometime back from Thomas Nelson asking if I would be interested in receiving this Bible in exchange for a review.  Since I was looking for a new study Bible, I jumped at the chance.  I spent a few days checking out the Bible and noting the various features, then my dad, who had fallen last fall, got worse, had a stroke and eventually died.  Spending much time with this Bible took a back seat to life.  But this morning I began anew.

A do over so to speak…and He met me.  Right where I am.  Just like I needed him to. 
There are a lot of things I like about this Bible.  I love the Insight articles.  They provide “information about the text and its cultural context.”  While the Focus articles “present thoughtful explorations of scriptural passages, their significance and their relevance to modern life.”  There are also maps that are helpful.  The pages are colorful and the format engaging.

Each book is preceded by information about the author of the book (Jeremiah, Joel, Matthew, etc.) and includes notes about key events that occur in the book.
I don’t claim to be a Bible scholar.  But I do want to learn more about the Bible and how to apply it to my life.  I want a deeper understanding of the scripture and I am finding this Bible to do just that.
I am thankful to Thomas Nelson for this opportunity.  Again, I received a copy of this in exchange for my review.  
To my friends that have called, sent cards and text messages…thank you.  I appreciate your prayers.  


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