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My plan today had been to do something I have never done on this blog.

I do not do a lot of blog planning, although I hope to get to that stage in the near future.  Due to my lack of planning, I did not realize that what I planned to do today would coincide with 9/11.

So I am postponing my post intended for today until tomorrow.

We are not the same.  13 years later nothing is the same.

It doesn’t matter if you know someone personally impacted by the tragedy of that infamous day or if you were sitting in your home in the Midwest watching it unfold on television. That was me. And I am not the same.

Andy was at school.  John was at work.

I was getting ready to go to work.  I know exactly what I wore that day.  I recall making a phone call to my boss to complain about something that in hindsight seems so ridiculous.

Nothing is the same.  We can’t travel by air as easily.  Andy is 25.  I don’t know if he can remember flying without having to remove his shoes.

These days I live on the east coast.  I know people that were personally impacted by the events of that day.  The parents of a young lady that died in New York that day live less than one mile from me.  There is a 9/11 memorial garden at my church.

It is very real here.

Today I pray for all of us…the ones that lost loved ones and friends.  The ones that now live a life different than we did prior to that day in 2001.  The ones that are fighting the war on terror.  The children that lost parents.  The parents that lost children.

I remember. 

But I also know that Jesus is in every moment of my life and he can give comfort to those still grieving. 

I remember…let us never forget…


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