season of waiting

Back in February, a new friend reached out to me and asked if I had opportunities for guest posts. I had seen her around the halls of the internet, watched her launch her book and read her blog. She has a lovely smile and while I had never met her in person, I found her to be engaging and wise. I especially love this piece she recently wrote on finding balance. So, I said sure, feel free to write a post. She did and I received it about the time my mom died, March 1st. I explained I could not format and publish it until after I returned home from the funeral, but I would take care of it then.

And I tried. I truly TRIED to take care of it. But one thing after another kept getting in my way. Finally, I sat down and MADE it happen. In my time. MY WAY. Yet, I could not bring myself to push the publish button. I felt God wanted me to wait.

Seriously?!?!? I’ve had this post for a month and I NEED to publish something and now I felt like I was being told to wait. I COULD NOT shake that feeling. I felt I needed to wait until after the Winsome Retreat, which would be help April 8-10 and both the author of the post and I planned on attending. I e-mailed her and told her what I was feeling and asked if that was OK with her. She said OK, whatever I thought best.

Fast forward to Tuesday, April 5th…as I re-read the post, I began to cry. I am in a season of waiting, a season of stretching, a season of grieving, a season that I don’t like. Her post reminded me that God’s timing isn’t like ours and that he is working in my life even when it is uncomfortable.

It was then that I realized WHY I needed to wait. With time and prayer, most things will come into focus and we can see clearly what we need to do. season of waiting You see, if I had posted her piece when I originally tried to, then I would not have read it when I needed it. Turns out, that God’s timing was perfect…hmmm…no surprise there!

I actually got to meet the author in person at Winsome. When I told her why I realized that I needed to delay the post, she smiled and said you know, when you e-mailed that to me I thought, “She doesn’t like it. She is going to say she forgot to post it or something like that.”

She had a story in her mind. I had an idea in my mind and God had his own idea and plans for the post!

Stay tuned…her post is coming up on Thursday. I hope you find it as encouraging as I do.

Do you ever make up a story in your mind and later find out it is completely false?


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