Good Morning! I took these pictures yesterday when I went for a walk. We did not get the massive amounts of snow that many places on the east coast got, but we got 6 inches or so. It was very pretty. John had to pick Andy up on Saturday morning at college and he drove through some blizzard conditions on Saturday morning to get Andy a cell phone. Part of Andy’s Christmas present is this phone. The two old ones had been using are not working and we were not ready for an upgrade. Long story made short: someone Andy knew was going to help us get the phone without a lot of additional expense, but the phone had to be purchased at his store which was west of where Andy goes to school. John, my husband the optimist, said “It was fun driving to get a Christmas present in the snow!” Glad he was the one driving and not me. My prayers for their safe travel were answered…thank you Lord. It was certainly pretty walking yesterday.

This weekend at mass the priest spoke of something that got me thinking. I don’t know about you, but I think about what our Lord went through: an agonizing death on the cross for our sins, rising again…all that we might have eternal life. But something said this weekend made me think…what about Mary? What about what she went through? Pregnant and unmarried in a society where, according to one text, she could have been stoned, traveling such a distance (probably on a horse or donkey, maybe even walking) late in a pregnancy, giving birth in a stable…I certainly do not want to diminish what our Lord went through, but this was no cake-walk for Mary and Joseph! I found myself with a new appreciation of their circumstances. Something I read this weekend referred to the “precarious state” of the family at this point in history. I am so thankful that Mary and Joseph had the faith to answer  “yes!” to the Lord’s call, even though it had to be scary. Even though it had to be hard. Even though it was so “not normal.” They both said yes, Lord! Oh, that I would have the courage to say yes to the Lord.  Even when is seems hard or scary or uncomfortable or “not normal.” Doing his will always brings blessings.

Lord, thank you for Mary and Joseph and their willingness to say yes. Please give me the courage to say yes to your will, even when I am uncomfortable. Thank you for this advent and the new appreciation I have for some aspects of this season.

By the way, I did get my meals planned and my shopping done on Friday. $300.00 later John says we might have enough food to last through the weekend! Seriously, I think I have enough for about two weeks, depending on how Andy eats. I do not like to plan meals and I never have…I love to cook, but I plan a two or three days at a time. I usually have a well stocked pantry and can throw something together, but actual meals for a week?  Nope…never have liked to do that. I am not saying I never did, I just don’t like it. Oh, well…that is another story for another day! I wonder if Mary liked to plan meals. Do you like to plan meals?

Have a blessed day…


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