My mind is wondering today.  Even though I had quiet time, I cannot seem to form coherent thoughts to share.  It is like I went through the motions, but it just didn’t seem to click.  I have so many things for which to be thankful…so that is my prayer today.  One of thankfulness. 
Lord, thank you for your son that died on the cross for my sins and giving me the gift of eternal life.  Thank you for a safe, warm home to be in during this weather.  Please give those dear to me safe travels on the roads today.  Thank you for this day.
It is snowing…again.  12″-18″ expected today.  I am so glad that I got outside and exercised yesterday because today will be inside exercise.  I took up Wendy’s exercise challenge from her Saturday post.  She has some serious snow, you should check out her pictures!  John shoveled the drive before he left for work and it is snowing so fast that is had another 1/2″ within just a few minutes.  I guess I will have to shovel a few times today.
One joyous thing…we will be travelling to Arkansas this weekend to celebrate my parent’s birthdays with 5 of my 6 siblings.  My dad turned 88 on Feb. 1 and my mom will be 87 on Friday, their 66th wedding anniversary is Saturday…thank you Lord for the long life my parent’s have had!  They still live by themselves and have their mental faculties…how blessed our family is!! 
These pictures I took this morning, but I think I could have posted some snow pictures from last week and it would have looked the same!

My night class is cancelled and only essential personnel are to report to work.  So, I will be at home today.  I am going to use the ellipitical, shovel snow, pack for my trip and do a little cleaning and laundry.  What are you doing today? 


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