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For many years I have worked part-time, spending the last
five years as an administrative assistant at a local college. I managed
budgets, e-mails and calendars. I planned events and took care of most any detail
that professors or students needed. No matter how large or small the job, I made sure it got done.



That job ended in July 2015. With an empty nest and now an
additional 25 hours of unstructured time in a week, I wondered what I should



I wondered what the Lord WANTED me to do. I felt a calling,
a gentle tug on my heart. It was a calling that I wasn’t interested
in pursuing, but it wouldn’t go away. 
No matter how much I tried to ignore it,
it kept nagging at me. The tug was something like, “you know what your
strengths are, you should use them.”
My friend, Deidra
wrote in her book Every Little Thing



“Don’t let fear keep you from crossing the
threshold or stepping off the



drop-off into what God has in store for
you. Even if you’ve heard him wrong



or if you’ve gotten your wires crossed, you
will not be consumed.



God will rescue you and set your feet on
solid ground.”





It was as if the Lord
was saying “Go! Take the next step, Mary.”



So I put on my
brave pants and stepped off into the deep. 
It is kind of like walking into the fog.
I am overwhelmed and scared to death, but I am excited!
I hope you will join me on the next leg of my journey.
For the record, today is my birthday…
what better way to celebrate turning 55, than with a big change?
Stay tuned…



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