A few weeks ago I got a new car.  It’s an SUV.  My car before this one was a CAR.  

It was a nice car.  I liked it.  

But…circumstances changed and we needed an SUV and my car got the boot.

Now, I like my NEW car.  But there are some odd things that I am having to get used to.

Like this…

That side mirror is right. in. my. way.  Right where I am trying to see when turning or checking to see if the road is clear.

The mirror seems SO BIG.  (It probably isn’t, it just seems that way.)

The mirror is NECESSARY.


It certainly HAS A PURPOSE.  But it still gets in my way.

I am having to learn to work around it.  I have to sit up a little straighter.  Raise my seat a touch higher.  

As I get used to having it there, I am learning how to deal with it.  Learning to work with it, so that it isn’t so much of a bother.

And it got me to thinking…how many things in our lives are NECESSARY, USEFUL and HAVE A PURPOSE, but man are they annoying?!?!

I think we have to keep our eyes trained on Him, so that the necessary, useful and have a purpose things aren’t so annoying.  

It might be all in our perception.  How we see things.  

I was reminded of the song Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in his wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the sight of his glory and grace.

When I use my side mirror for it’s intended purpose, things go really well.  When I focus on the exact location of the mirror and get annoyed that it is in my way…well, not so much.

I think our lives are like that.  He puts things in our lives for a purpose.  They might not be bad, but they don’t necessarily seem to be good.  They seem to be annoying…but HE has a purpose for them.  So, I need to learn to work with them.

After all, this is the stuff HE uses…to make me who I am.

Do you get frustrated?  Lose focus?  Turn your eyes upon HIM and let him use the stuff!



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