So, here we are.  Three weeks into the healthy living of the new year.

We’ve talked about not making a distinction be healthy living and a NORMAL life and we’ve talked about controlling what we can.

I have put all the post relating to my weight loss journey and We Can Win! posts on a page at the top of my blog.  Hopefully, this will make it easier to find them, if you are interested!

I mentioned in the first post that an article in the October 1999 issue of Shape magazine changed my life.  I have diligently searched online for the article, but unfortunately, that article is not available online.  However, I did find the table of contents from that issue online.  What good is that?  Oh, well…

Not only did this article contain what should be our mantra, but it also had 9 no-fail steps to losing weight and keeping it off.  LOTS and LOTS of articles and magazines will have ideas about what you should do to lose weight.  Some of them will even make promises.  What many of these articles do not tell you is this:  changing our lifestyle is hard work.  It takes effort and if we are not willing to put forth the effort, then we will, most likely, not succeed.  Oh, we might be successful in the short term, but long term change, lifestyle change – requires a commitment. A commitment to the effort required to making said change.

Please note:  you might be surprised at 
how little effort it takes in the beginning
to see some progress.

So, let’s resolve today to make the effort.  To be willing to make some small changes today, so we can see real results in the coming days and weeks.  Be willing to honor our bodies as the temple of God that they really are…

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, 
who is in you, whom you have received from God? 
You are not your own; you were bought at a price. 
Therefore honor God with your bodies.
1 Corinthians 6:19-20   

He paid a hefty price for us, let us not diminish that cost by not taking care of ourselves.

OK…onto the 9 steps and I will not cover all 9 today!

1. You must want to lose weight for yourself.  I briefly mentioned this last week.  We have to want to take care of ourselves for US.  Not our spouse, our mom, our job or any other thing/person.  We have to want to do this for US, because we need to take care of ourselves!  In doing so, we better equip ourselves to care for others….seriously!

2.  Design a plan for just about everything, and when you don’t have a plan, become an instant problem solver.  I have heard it said that failing to plan, is a plan to fail and I believe there is some truth in that.  We need to plan our meals and exercise, just like we plan our day.  Well, maybe you don’t plan your day, maybe you wing it…how is that working out for you?  If it works, then good for you…but I am guessing that winging it when it comes to eating right and taking care of ourselves doesn’t work too well.  I have to plan my exercise into my day, just like I plan my quiet time first thing in the morning.  And those high-risk eating situations??  They need some planning too.  What about the mid-afternoon when your littles are napping or you are starving to death…planning is key to many things. So, I encourage you to give some thought to the areas of your life that are giving you the most trouble in regards to healthy living.  Would some planning help?  What can you do to make a difference in this area?

3.  Keep a food journal.  Please don’t hate me!  I never liked keeping a food journal when I was losing my weight, but it didn’t matter – I did it anyway.  And I still write down what I eat on occasion. I don’t do it every day, every week or even once a month, but when I want to kick-start my efforts, I write it down.  EVERYTHING.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  Writing down what we eat makes us more aware.  Makes us think twice before consuming that food…whatever that food is.

This is enough food for thought this week.  Think about this…

what am I willing to do TODAY to work towards a healthy lifestyle?
We don’t have to worry about tomorrow or this weekend…
we need only to think about today, right now, the next 15 minutes. 
Lord, I pray that you bless those reading this blog and their healthy lifestyle efforts.  Give them courage and strength to make the right choice and to focus…just for today.
Take another step toward healthy living today!

I’ll am out of town visiting my 90 year old parents.  I will not be replying to comments today, but will try to check in when I return home later this week.


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