You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.
Isaiah 26:3 (NKJV)

Trying to keep my mind on Him.  Trying to trust Him in ALL things…knowing he has a plan.  Knowing He is in control.  Knowing that all He asks is that I try…that I do my best.  I, His imperfect creation, is only asked to trust Him.  As I continue my journey of trust, I continue adding to my gratitude list, continue focusing on the good things, continue finding joy in the ordinary, in the everyday.  It is in this place I find…I am at peace. 

557. 60th wedding anniversary celebrations.
558. sisters-in-law.
559. nieces and nephews.
560. brothers-in-law.
561. my in-laws.
562. smiles and laughter.
563. back porches and decks.
564. the clouds and the rain.
565. the sun and the moon.
566. safe travel.
567. work.
568. positive attitude displayed by C.
569. great weekend.
570. bar-b-que.

These grill guys are SERIOUS about their bar-b-que.  It is absolutely delicious!!

571. chipmunks.
572. rhododendrons.
573. sunsets from my deck.

A couple of weeks ago, we travelled south a few hours to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of my husband’s parents.  While over the years I have been frustrated with my family of in-laws (who isn’t frustrated by in-laws occasionally?), in reality…I am very blessed.  My mother-in-law is a woman of tremendous faith, a woman who knows and believes in the power of prayer, a woman that in a time of desperate need I asked her to pray with me about something and she agreed, even though she didn’t understand everything she did not ask a lot of questions.  Just asked what I wanted her to pray for…as for my father-in-law…I believe he is the reason my husband is such a great husband and father.  My father-in-law treats my mother-in-law like she is a queen.  I have these two people to thank for the wonderful man that I married…the man that brings such incredible joy to my life.  As my in-laws (and my parents) get older I appreciate more and more the life lessons I have learned from them.
I believe God puts people like this in our lives so we can learn from them.  So we can take their best attributes and model them in our own lives.  Maybe learn from the mistakes they made and avoid them in our own lives.  Or…when we make the big mess that we so often make as humans, we can see by looking at their lives, that there is HOPE.
I originally started this post right after the event occurred.  Problems with Blogger prevented it from being posted and I forgot about it.  I found it in my drafts folder this morning and decided it was still appropriate. 
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