It is Christmas Eve.

The stockings are hung. 

The decorations set out. 

The food is purchased in preparation for Christmas Day dinner.

Yet, the cleaning isn’t all done.

I didn’t get all the organizing completed that I wanted to finish before Christmas.

And yet…

on this early morning it is dark and cold outside and my mind goes back to that first Christmas Eve.  What were Mary and Joseph thinking?

Mary, just a young girl, had to be frightened and afraid.  Travelling while pregnant.  Not having any idea where they were going to stay when they got to their destination.

Joseph, a man of faith saying yes to God because an angel told him not to be afraid to go ahead and marry Mary – in a dream.

Joseph and Mary…they had a faith that I strive for. 

I am so thankful that they had courage and faith to say Yes! to God.  Yes! we will birth and parent your son. 

But the people looking for a Savior…they were looking for a king.  Not a baby.

In the midst of all that the strange happenings…Joseph and Mary said yes.

One of my favorite Christmas songs…


May you have a Blessed & Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year.


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