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You can read part 1 here.

I shared this (see part 1) with John one night and rather than do the happy dance he said, “I’d like to pray some more about this before we make a final decision and say anything to anybody.”

You see…God knew what he was doing that day back in October of 1981.  When that tall, skinny engineer walked into the lab and asked for my phone number.

He knew what he was doing when he carried me through the darkness of an abusive relationship prior to meeting John.

He knew what he was doing when I got a divorce.

He knew what he was doing when I got on my knees and prayed.

He knew.

He knew it all.  And it was good.

Even the messy.

Even the ugly.

And this, my friends, is part of my story.  When the Lord told me not to give up my blog in September, then gave me direction in October…I told him I would share my story.

I would share it when and how he wanted me to.  And I am trying friends.

God had a plan for my life.  It was a circuitous route, but he needed me to follow the crooked road to get me where he wanted me.  

To get me to the broken down, “I can’t do this without you” state, so that I would let go and LET HIM.

This is part of what makes up my story.

What makes me ME.

God has a plan for each of us that we don’t see.

A plan that may not makes sense at the time, but it is HIS plan and we have to trust that he will work things out.

Every one at my table on Thanksgiving was a Christian.  We might all attend services in different places on Sunday.  We might worship differently.  But we all worship the same God.  We all have a story.

And I think that is kind of cool.

And you have a story too…what route did God use for your story?  
A straight road and your life turned out just like you always thought it would?  
Or was your road a bit crooked too?


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