There is a bird house in my yard and I can see it from my family room window.  Eastern bluebirds are in this house and they have baby birds right now. For the last few days the male bird has been coming to the family room window and clinging to the screen.  He does this every morning between 7 and 9 a.m. and then recently I saw him in the evening doing the same thing.

He clings to the screen and tries to turn his head back and look at the bird house.  Sometimes he successfully clings to the screen in a manner that allows him to see while only twisting a little bit.

He wants to keep his eyes on the family.

He wants to make sure he knows what is going on.

Rain or shine he is close to the house and his family.

My heavenly father is that way.  Rain or shine he is watching over me. He is as close to me as I allow him to be…but even when I think he is far away, he is watching. 

He is close. 

He is always present.

A bluebird reminded me of that today.  

Has something reminded you recently that Jesus is 
always there…always watching…always caring?



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